Important Lessons for my Children to Learn

I’ve been thinking of how much my kids really need to learn about life – as in BIG, grand scale lessons. I can teach them math and history, but can I teach them how to be kindhearted, how to be a good listener, etc?   THOSE are the important things in my book.

Too often it seems like I get too overwhelmed about the things I need to be doing with the kids, so what do I do? I fold…lol. Well NO MORE! 🙂

(At least I hope.)

So here is my running list of things I need to accomplish. I’ll link them up with my blog posts about each one once I’ve tackled that specific lesson:

  1. Consistent discipline.
  2. Positive rewards for good behavior.
  3. Chores.
  4. Reading times.
  5. TV/Computer times.
  6. Good habits.

There. That doesn’t seem too hard does it? Nah…

Totally manageable.


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Homeschooling mom of 3 Work at home medical transcriptionist Christian Conservative
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