Geography decisions

Since I won’t be using the SCM Module 5 for our History/Geography/Bible lessons, I guess I better get moving on another game plan for Geography.  I already have Uncle Josh’s Outline Map Book, which may or may not still be useful.  I did some looking around over the weekend. At first I thought perhaps Cantering the Country or Galloping the Globe would be fun. (Plus my oldest is a horse LOVER.)  I think I would specifically like to focus on the US since our History and our Literature lessons will be primarily US based.

I stumbled across Road Trip USA. I like the looks of this (and the price!)  There will be something for everyone to do in this study – it won’t be so intense to exclude my K.  At the very least, at $18, I can purchase it and feel free to change my mind. 🙂 I did a study similar to this in grade school (I think in 4th grade) where I had to draw all the state birds/flags/and all that. This looks similar but also a little easier since the images are there and just need to be colored. She’s gone through the trouble of giving you graphics for each flag, a travel log to make your children feel like they’ve traveled there, trivia cards, as well as a teacher’s manual so I know what the heck to do with it!  The teachers manual includes recipes and additional printables and resources.

She recommends doing 2 states a week, but I think we would cut that down to 1 state a week. That should take us 2 years. (Perfect since our TruthQuest American History is 2 years.)

In addition to this study, I was thinking of adding in the Holling C. Holling books that a lot of people rave about.  Paddle to the Sea, Pagoo, Seabird, etc. It looks like these books are all based on different areas of the country and/or globe…so I could tie in a book per region studied. Paddle to the Sea would be especially fun since we live near the Great Lakes where the book starts off.

That’s my plan for now! The Holling books I will be able to get from the library, so really I’m only out $18 for the Road Trip USA program (plus printer ink).

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