History, check!

I’ve finally figured out our history program. Unfortunately, I purchased 2 other programs before I found this one. Oh well. I hear that’s normal.


I’ve decided to go with TruthQuest History. We’ll be doing the American History I this fall, and it goes from the Settlers to 1800s for younger kids. (I’ll have a 3rd and a K.)  This book is very Charlotte Mason friendly. It is laid out so that each topic has a dozen or  less subtopics, and each of those subtopics has a list of books (arranged by grade level) for you to choose from. You’re NOT supposed to read them all. A lot of people have a hard time NOT reading every book, but that won’t be a problem for me. I’m totally comfortable choosing the books that will be free through the library and interesting to my brood here. She also references several “spine” books (which are history books that are not textbooks but cover an entire section of history).  So I still need to figure out which out of the handful she recommends that I will use.

This will fit perfectly with our Prairie Primer study we’ll be doing based on Little House on the Prairie books for literature.

Now I just need to get rid of my Mystery of History volume 1 (too dry and textbook-ish) and my SCM Module 5 (too dry as well).  As much as I’d love intense history books to appeal to my kids, it just isn’t going to. They’re going to need the pictures and the variety the living books TruthQuest recommends in order to draw them in. I wasn’t seeing enough of that in the SCM Modules. Not only that, but combining Bible, Geography, and History into one subject block doesn’t appeal to me.

So, there you have it. One subject decided on, purchased, and on the bookshelf.

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