Chores, chores, chores

One of the things that needs to be established around here is a regular list of chores for the kids (and for me too!).  I think it’ll help life flow a little smoother. Right now, the kids just do random stuff that I ask them to do. They drag through it most of the time. Jobs are done half-butt.

We’ve tried things before, but I don’t keep on them about it and it becomes buried on the fridge and forgotten. Or else they’ll do the chores and I’ll forget to pay them. Then it’s a guessing game of who really did what and is owed how much. That’s no good.

Consistency is NOT my middle name. Neither is motivation.

That being said, I think I need to make this a part of our homeschool day. So, I’ve been looking around at what other people are doing, and I’ve sort-of put together something that might work.  I’m a little fearful of making this big deal of it and falling flat on my face again, but…oh well.

Mornings (after breakfast):

  • Kids do their morning routines*
  • Laundry gets started by laundry-person-of-the day
  • Mom gets dishes booted up while the above is going on, kitchen swept and mopped.
  • One special assignment per day per person is done (pulled from master cleaning list)**

Afternoons (after school):

  • House gets picked up quickly (5 minute timer)
  • Mom sweeps major areas and mops 1 room
  • Laundry-person-of-the-day puts clothes away
  • Mom washes towels/bedding as needed

Evenings (before bed):

  • House gets picked up quickly again (5 minute timer)
  • Pets get fed (Jacob) and watered (Evie)
  • Kids do their bedtime routines*
  • Mom puts towels/bedding away as needed

* The kids’ morning and evening routines will be pretty much the same, consisting of brushing teeth, combing hair in the mornings, getting changed, putting dirty clothes in their hamper, making their beds in the morning, and tidying up their rooms.

** The master list can pretty much be found here, and it’s also loosely based on FlyLady’s zone cleaning.  My thoughts are to split that list into sections of 3 things each (2 kid chores and 1 mommy chore), put each group-of-3 on an index card, and put all those cards in a little box. That way each day, we pull out a card based on the zone we’re in, and it’ll list 3 things to do during morning chores for each person Monday through Friday.

I also want to have a “paid” chore list. This will be items that I need done regularly that someone is welcome to do for me and be paid. They WON’T be paid for their regular chores above. However, I will give them an allowance based on their age ($0.50/week for each year of age) simply for being a member of the family. I’ll require 10% be given to church, and the rest is their’s to spend or save (for now). My kids are good about saving money so far, so I don’t see the need to MAKE them save yet. The paid chores will be over and above their regular allowance.  Not quite sure how I’ll set that up, but I like the chore stick idea here. Each popsicle stick will have a chore on it that is paid (along with the amount it’s worth). Then if someone wants to do that chore, they put the stick in their “jar,” and I cash them out at the end of the week.

Some items that will be paid chores are:

  • tidying and/or vacuuming the car
  • changing sheets on the bed
  • loading/unloading the dishwasher
  • cleaning toilets/sinks in the bathroom
  • organizing the DVDs (which always seem to be a problem)
  • tidying up the shoe and coat closets

I’ll also announce a certain chore that needs to be done right then and see if there are any takers (i.e., helping dad with the lawn care, taking trash out, cutting coupons, etc.)

All of these items will only be paid after they’ve been inspected and shown to be done right.

So there you have it. Now I need to get started and implement as much as possible. I’ve put together the If/Then chart like I talked about. This is the next step!

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3 Responses to Chores, chores, chores

  1. Velle says:

    Oh yes, I’m looking at FlyLady-fying my chores, too. Except my 8-month old is probably too young to help out for now. Like your schedule, though. Will be something I keep in mind as my family gets bigger and older.

    BTW – have you heard of Chore Wars? I don’t know how old your children are, but it’s a website where you create a character (very much like Role Playing Games) and you compete with other family members to complete chores. I’d also blogged about several other iPhone apps and tools that might help me now and into the future.

    • Thanks for that link Velle! Chore Wars would be great especially for teens I’m thinking (or husbands really). My kids are 9, 5, and 1…so they might be a little too young, but I’ll HAVE to remember that for later! Good luck in your housecleaning endeavors!

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