Homeschool Bible Time

I recently purchased The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos based on recommendations around the internet. I got it today, and it really looks great! I read through the story of Elijah to myself just now, and I can really see how it is much like a living book. I struggle with Bible time with my kids (9 yo, 5 yo, and 1 yo). When I read directly out of the Bible, they often don’t understand, or they just aren’t able to apply it to real life very well. My 9 yo does okay with it, but she still would prefer it in “story” form. However, I really feel strongly they all need to be exposed to the actual Word of God. So, what to do? Here’s my plan:

1. We read a chapter from The Child’s Story Bible.

2. Look at artwork based on the story by doing a quick Google image search if there isn’t a picture in our Dore Bible Illustrations or our Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes. I love looking at biblical artwork – so pretty!  While we look at a handful of these images, I can highlight anything I’d like them to especially take away from the story (i.e. God’s provision, someone’s faith, etc.).

3. Recite our Scripture Memory verse we are working on at that time.

4.  Say prayers.

5. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

That evening at bedtime when we read our read-alouds and say bedtime prayers, we’ll read the actual Bible (ESV) that corresponds to what we read that morning.  When you first hear the “story” and then read the real Word, it seems to further cement it in your mind. The kids will understand what the Bible is talking about because they’ve already heard the story, and I want them to hear the actual Bible along with the story Bible version.

We’ll do all of this while we eat our breakfast, and it’ll have a conversational feel to it. It shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes.


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