Spring Break Reflections

My kids are still in school. As in…they still go to school outside of the home.  They won’t be returning after summer break though. So, this gives me some time to prepare and get things in order. Small breaks like this (spring break) give me a peek into what things are going to look like when they are home year-round, and you know what I see? A MESSY HOUSE.  Kids sitting around playing Angry Birds and watching TV.  Mom running after the toddler 24/7  and cleaning up all manner of messes, and when I do get a spare moment, I grab something to eat and sit my butt down.  Yikes!

Not exactly the picture of Charlotte Mason, am I?  LOL.

So, as I get ready to have them home ALL the time, I’m making a note of a few things.

  • No computer before school. No tablet before school. No DS before school. None of that.
  • I’ll allow 2 TV episodes before school. This is primarily because I need a slow start to the day.  I’ve got to get the baby situated, get breakfast done with, etc.  So 1 hour of TV will give me some free time before it’s time to start pushing kids around motivating the children.
  • I need to get it in gear and get them going and focused. It’s so easy to just say, “Oh…they’re being quiet. I’ll get x, y, and z done and THEN I’ll go round them up.”  Then before you know it, I get distracted, the phone rings, and I never get them doing what I want them to get doing.  So, I need to say “at 10 o’clock we are going to get moving” and that’s that.  Similarly, I need to keep them on-task and continue to do so through the day. Whew. I barely have enough get-up-and-go to keep myself on-task all day. How will I manage that?
  • I need to not get frustrated when something isn’t understood. I don’t know why I feel that way, but when I’ve explained something well and it isn’t understood, I seem to take it as an affront to my teaching capabilities or something.  Patience needs to be the reigning virtue.  How I cultivate that, I don’t know except by prayer and in time.  I don’t know if my kids notice the impatience because I try to keep a happy face, but I sure do feel it! I wonder if it’s the same for others??

In short, I’m feeling a little worried that we won’t get ANYTHING accomplished. I don’t mind them being home…I prefer them being home, but I apparently would rather let them do their thing and let me do mine.

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Homeschooling mom of 3 Work at home medical transcriptionist Christian Conservative
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