A List of Book Lists

I’d like to not only make this a place where I talk about our plans to homeschool, but I’d also like to share some of the wonderful resources I find! Here are a few links to book lists for kids.

Living Math Book List:  This blog has a list of all sorts of books you can read to teach your kiddos about math. Click on “Search Categories” in the box on the right, and have a look at all the different lessons you can read “real” books about (not text books but actual FUN and entertaining books). This is one subject you might easily overlook when it comes to living books.

Free Children’s Classics for your Kindle: This blog post by Walking by the Way shares a list of “oodles” of free books  on Amazon and Project Gutenberg. She also does us the favor of listing what age group the books are for. I know the books by Clara Dillingham PiersonErnest Thompson Seton, Thornton Burgess, and a lot of the other books like Swiss Family Robinson, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Heidi will be on our reading lists. You can read them FREE from your Kindle. How cool is that? If you don’t have a Kindle, there are plenty of apps on Amazon for smartphones and even your computer so that you can view the books however you need to.

50 Books Your Child Should Read Before Kindergarten: I’ve only read 15 books on this list to my kids! Time to get cracking I guess! I’ll be getting some of these at the library as soon as I can order them.

Ambleside Online: If you’re looking for an intensive list of classical stories that no child should miss, this is the place to be! I plan on going through the book lists for each grade level and picking a couple out as read-alouds – maybe as individual reading assignments for my daughter too depending on the difficulty.


The Rosetta Project: This is the largest collection of vintage books (prior to 1930) that is available online with full pictures. Reading on my computer or tablet isn’t my favorite, but look at all the books they have posted beautifully! I’ll definitely be using this as a reference when we need a vintage book. 🙂 You can view them online or download them for later.

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