Free Online Homeschool Activities

Although less screen time is better, it can be handy to set the kids up with a lesson or educational game on the computer so you can do some one-on-one with your other kids at times. Here are some links to some free online lessons and games that I think  will come in handy:

Reading Bear is a free phonics program. Your kids can watch either a video or an interactive slide show. Words are sounded out slowly and quickly, then blended slowly, and finally blended quickly. As sounds are pronounced, the corresponding letters are highlighted. Then you’ll see a picture illustrating the word, a sentence (with the individual sounds again highlighted), and finally a video illustrating the sentence. – This site has a lot of free educational games (as well as some just-for-fun games).  The lessons and games go from K all the way up to 5th grade! – We use this site to create spelling tests for my daughter, but there are also a lot of fun spelling games available for free. They do have a premium package with extras available as well. – This site is for preschool learning games, phonics education, etc. LOTS of fun!  My kids love the ABC interactives. – LOTS of games on this site, mostly having to do with science, geography, the world, animals, health, etc. – This site is amazing! They have over 3,200 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, science, art, finance, and history. When you’ve watched a video, you can then practice what you’ve learned right on the site (complete with hints if you get stuck)! This has a LOT of higher-up math and other subjects, but there are lessons on basic addition, etc.  I’ve heard of homeschoolers doing a complete math program with JUST using Khan Academy. It is awesome that all of this is organized in one spot and all free! – The title is pretty self-explanatory. 🙂  There are lots of subjects here – even literature and vocabulary games! – There are games in various subjects from grades 1 through 6 here. They have games my animal-loving daughter will appreciate – like pony division and hungry puppies. 🙂 – My 9yo loves the logic games and the shop games on this site, but their other math games are a lot of fun too! My 5yo son, of course, likes the Angry Animals game (just like Angry Birds). – This site has TONS of math games, but they also have some reading, art, and other games available. These games are simple and very educational.  A lot of these are easy enough for a kindergartner to do. –  These games are more cartoonish and perhaps more “just for fun” than for learning, but they do have some good educational games along with some online books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Mad Libs games.

Dance Mat Typing – Need an online typing curriculum that’s totally free? Try this one!  It teaches typing in a super fun way  with goofy animals doing the teaching, cartoons, and plenty of practice.

Barnes & Noble Online Storytime – Think of this as an interactive audio book! Set your little one up to listen to various preschool/kindergarten books (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Green Eggs, and Ham, Pinkalicious, etc.) read to them online by their authors or other celebrities.

Anyone else have any free sites they love?

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