Planning Revisited

Ahem.  I know I went on and on about how I planned to do things, and I honestly DID plan to do things that way. I started filling out my planner, and I noticed that each day I was simply writing things like “language lesson #2, language lesson #3, language lesson #4” and “horizons math lesson 8, horizons math lesson 9,” etc., etc.

So then I thought, “Why am I doing all this writing!? It seems like I just have to progress through the books I have.”  Soooo, to make a long story really short, I’ve gone from planning to lay EVERYTHING out in an undated planner to NOT writing ANYTHING down. Yea, it’s really all or nothing with me I guess, huh?

I’ve taken a look at the first month of lessons for each of my curricula books. I’ve gone through and made a list of any library books, special items, manipulatives, craft supplies, etc., that I will need to purchase/borrow/gather for that first month. From there, I just plan on using an open-and-go approach!

Am I crazy? Does anyone else use this method of planning (or should I say NOT planning?)  I have figured out how many lessons I need to do for each subject per week, and I think that should do it! Let me know if you’ve had success or failure with this. I’d LOVE to know ahead of time. (In other words, I can still be talked into laying everything out!)

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