Great Deal on Draw Write Now Series!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good deal. Right now, there is a great deal on the Draw Write Now series going on! At Amazon this is $70 shipped, but you can get it for only $31.40 shipped.

Step 1: You go to Plum District at this link  and select the $25 for $50 voucher to Barker Creek.

Step 2: During checkout, use code PDCOZ10 to get 10% off. Your total will be $22.50.

Step 3:  They email you a code to use on the Barker Creek site. Go there and add the set of Draw Write Now (Books 1-8) to your cart (on sale for $50!).

Step 4:  Add your voucher code as a promo code during checkout, and your total will be $8.90 for standard shipping!

This is a GREAT deal on these books…we really love them. We have plans to use them for science, history, and geography – and just plain art drawing time too! My daughter LOVES to draw, and she loves the simple drawings of beautiful animals and people in these books. They also include writing lessons if you have use for that! You can browse through the books and see for yourself at this Amazon link, but remember to start with step 1 above if you want in on this deal! I have no idea how long the $50 price will last, but the voucher deal is ongoing for another 7 days.

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