Our Homeschool Schedule (In Theory)

I’ve talked about planning, and I’ve shared our curriculum choices, and now I’d like to share our schedule! For the record, I believe any schedule to be in theory only because so often life happens and mucks up any plans we might have. Even within my schedule, I have a lot of wiggle room for toddler meltdowns and other hiccups. I won’t keep a strict schedule, and I’m using the time box method of scheduling rather than something by the clock. Here’s what I’d like to do:

1.   Wake up slow-and-easy. TV allowed before breakfast.

2.  During breakfast, we do Bible time, prayers, scripture memory, and recite the Pledge when we’re done. Some mornings we’ll have a fine arts study before we leave the table as well – picture study, hymn study, or poetry study.

3.   Once breakfast is finished, it’s time for math. I’m going to work with Jacob while Evie works on getting dressed, getting her chores done, and keeping Anna distracted.  Then we’ll flip so that I can work with Evie while Jacob gets dressed, gets his chores done, and keeps Anna busy. From there we’ll launch right into our language arts block. Really this will consist of only Language Lessons for Jacob and both Language Lessons and Pathway for Evie. Evie will be self-directed and shouldn’t need much help if any.

4.   Once these are completed, we’re going to tackle Five in a Row (FIAR) for the day. This will be a fun subject with lots of craftiness involved, so the kids probably won’t even feel like it’s work. 😉

5.   Lunch time! During lunch, I’d like to do a read-aloud or an audio book. We do that now and the kids enjoy it.  While I make lunch, kids can play outside or watch TV…no computers yet though.

6.   Evie and I will continue with History and then Science or Geography depending on the day.

7.   From there, Evie will just have the Prairie Primer (PP) activities to do for the day. The Prairie Primer will be another fun subject, and it should be a nice, enjoyable way to end the school day.

A couple of points that I’ve thought about:  What will the other kids do? Once lunch is finished, Jacob (being a Kindergartner) is done.  I’ll let him visit educational video game sites and watch educational kid-friendly TV (PBS Kids, Leapfrog phonics movies, etc.) while I finish up with Evie. He might join in on some of what we’re doing (science experiments for instance), but I’ll leave that up to him.

Anna (being 2) will more-or-less just be everywhere and anywhere. I’ll let her watch the TV in my bedroom, she can watch Jacob on the computer in my husband’s office, or she can do as she pleases while I’m busy with teaching. I’m pretty laid back as far as letting her make “organized” messes. I’ll let her play as she pleases and then just clean it up when I’m done rather than nagging after her constantly. I’ll hold her, look at books with her, and otherwise occupy her as much as I can, and I’ll have Jacob to take her in the backyard and jump on the trampoline as well. It will be chaotic – no doubt about that, but I’m planning for it and have it budgeted into my day. I’m hoping that helps. 😉

How long will this all take?  We are extremely slow starters in the morning. Most likely we’re up and moving by 9, but I’m even going to cut us some slack and say as long as we start breakfast by 10:00, we’ll be fine. I anticipate that once we start, we should be finished in 5 hours including lunch and break time. That is NOT 5 hours of sitting doing school, and honestly I think of FIAR and the PP as more fun than school-like – perhaps that’s because it’s a lot of hands-on activities and things.

What about individual reading and copywork?  Right now, I’m going to squeeze copywork in as needed with Evie. Her Language Lessons have a LOT of copywork in them already. If there’s a 5-minute period where I need her to stay sitting, I’ll give her some of the prepared copywork I have. Jacob isn’t ready for copywork yet.  For individual reading, while lunch is being prepared I plan on instituting quiet reading time.  Jacob can look at books or listen to audio books in his room while Evie reads some books I pick out for her (and ones she chooses as well) for about 15 minutes.

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