Chores for Kids (and a handy way to dole them out)

I talked previously about the need to get something FORMAL established around the house.  My kids do help out, but mostly they just do things I ask them to do spur of the moment. Right now, I’m envisioning a magical world where there is “chore time” and the children will march off faithfully to do their chores well without complaints.

Sigh. I know. It’s not gonna happen that way, but a mom can dream, right? 🙂

I think I’ve created a workable plan. Thank the Lord, I do have very wonderful, compliant kids who will do what they are asked. Here is what I’m planning on doing.

After breakfast and Bible time, our schedule tells us that we need to work on math, and since each child really needs one-on-one with mom to do math, that leaves the other one hanging. (Not to mention the 2-year-old who will be in full action mode during this time!) So the “other” child who is not the focus of the math lesson at that time will work on his/her chores.

First up, they have to do their 5-a-day chores, which can be counted off on the fingers of a little hand. 🙂  Namely, get dressed, put clothes away, brush teeth, comb hair, and make your bed.

Next, our home operates very well with a laundry system I discovered on Pinterest. (You can read about it here.) Each person has a laundry day, and all the laundry for that person is done on their day. (No sorting colors or anything…just throw it all in and boom, done.) So on Wednesday, it will be my daughter’s laundry day where she will need to wash all her dirty clothes and change her bedding. Thursday will be my son’s day to do the same. I do help to fold the clothes, and with my 5yo son, I help him get things hung up too, but my daughter is able to do most of this with guidance.

The last part of this daily chore-time is to draw a chore card out of my pretty orange flower pot. Think of it as a chore lottery. 😉  I have taken different chores that I pulled loosely from Fly Lady’s zone cleaning, and I selected the things that are kid-friendly to do. I typed them up and laminated/cut them into strips. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new laminator! I’m laminating everything I can get my hands on!)  The kids can draw one chore each from the chore pot and complete that chore. By that time, I should definitely have things wrapped up and ready to move onto the next student.

After school is over, the person who has laundry day will need to work on putting their clothes away. That evening, I’d still like to have a quick family 5-minute house pick-up. The kids will also have a 5-at-night chores to do as well (get pajamas on, put clothes away, brush teeth, go potty, and spruce up their bedroom slightly).

What do you think? Am I living in la-la land? I realize it’ll take a lot of direction and guidance on how to do things appropriately. There will be a huge learning curve.  🙂 How do you get chores done around your house?

By the way, if you’d like to see our chores and come up with your own (or just use what’s there), here’s our cleaning list. Wishing you a happy house!

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