Changing things up a bit

We finished our 3rd week last week, and yes, it’s already time for a change. A million people told me this would happen, and yet I was sure that I’d have it all planned perfectly enough to not need to change a thing.

Bible time is great, but I think I want to add some extra learning here.

Math is great for Evie, but it’s tough on Jacob who can’t write well yet.

English is fine except I might really cut down on the busywork.

Five in a Row needs major revisions because the books are not at Jacob’s level.

Individual reading is not getting done.

History, science, and geography are all FINE! Hahaha!!

Prairie Primer (sadly) needs major revisions because it’s just too much for us to do as an “extra.”

Hoooooboy. I’ve got some serious considering to do.  Here are my thoughts for right now.

Evie at her American Heritage Girl meeting.

Bible: Add in worksheets from this AMAZING (FREE) website for Evie to do individually (whenever). I also like the Bible reading plan here since otherwise we’ll be stuck in the OT all year long. I could do the worksheets with Jacob, but I wouldn’t make him do any of the writing or coloring yet. Mostly Anna “colors” Jacob’s things anyway. 😉  I don’t know WHEN Evie would squeeze in the time to do the worksheet unless I have her do it when she does her English stuff in her room away from the noise. That might work.

Math:  Continue Horizons with Evie. Start reading Life of Fred Apples with Jacob. At this point with his difficulty holding a pencil, I’d like for him to learn and love the understanding of math rather than stress (and cry 😦  ) about not being able to write the numbers just right. He can count. He can match objects to numbers (correspondence I think it’s called). He knows colors, shapes, and numbers (mostly). I don’t know. I’m thinking of trying LOF this week just to see how it goes. I spoke with another homeschooling mom who uses just this for her 6yo and loves it and feels it’s enough. I could just spend some extra time doing flash cards with numbers, counting objects, adding objects and showing him what that looks like on paper, etc. I could even use the Horizons workbook and just NOT do the endless tracing/writing of numbers at the end.

For English, I’ve cut down on the Pathway workbooks, but I do like her to do the vocabulary portion. She’s not really doing well with the comprehension portion of the workbook. Now, Charlotte Mason advocated oral (and later written) narration, where the child simply tells the parent what the story was about. I suppose I should try this rather than have her write the page and paragraph numbers of various inconsequential things that happened in the story. That just frustrates both of us!  For Jacob, the Pathway workbook is fun and easy. We do that every other day, and on opposite days, I add a play-doh alphabet mat, scissoring, tracing through a maze, or something like that, and that seems great!

Five in a Row. Sigh. I LOVE the concept. Volume 1 books are proving to be too hard. I’m going to switch to Before Five in a Row (B4FIAR). They seemed too baby to me before, but a lot of moms online are using it for their 4 to 8 year olds with lots of success. We’ll do Corduroy first. I have to pull everything together yet though since we were planning on Madeline this week. So I’m thinking we’ll take this week off of FIAR (or do a light version of Madeline this week).

Flying the Bleriot XI over the English Channel to the White Cliffs of Dover (AKA storage boxes) from the FIAR title “The Glorious Flight.” Jacob was a sea monster.

Individual reading needs to be done more. I still have to find a good time to get them to do this. Jacob has books to look at and/or books on CD. He likes to do it. Evie enjoys reading her books too. It just isn’t natural for them to want to do this. (I would LOVE it if that were the case!)  We’ll get there. I just have to push them into it for now and I’ve been slacking in this area.

History, science, and geography are all GREAT!  We’re having a good time with all the lapbooking we’re doing and all the books we’ve read. She’s able to retell stories about St. Augustine, Roanoke Island, and Jamestown. We’re doing Pocahontas this week and then starting the Pilgrims. I’m so glad because I LOVE history. She loves science (and I do too), and this program is really great for her. Geography as well – lots of coloring state flags, etc. We are reading the Discovering America State by State Alphabet books during this time too, and it has a lot of neat facts for each letter of the alphabet.

Prairie Primer. Sigh. Major fail. We both love the story. I think we’ll aim for reading through the book together and just picking something out of the various unit studies I have – whether it’s coloring, cooking, doing a craft, or just discussing something. Otherwise it adds way too much. It could definitely be a stand alone curriculum (as it is meant to be). It’s too much to use as something just for fun, which is how I intended to use it.

A large part of the problem is that I’m trying to do regular coursework in Bible, math, English, Science, History, and Geography PLUS doing 2 additional programs that when done as packaged complete ALL of the same subjects in-and-of-themselves. FIAR and the Prairie Primer are both stand-alone programs that I’m trying to use just for fun. If I knocked those 2 fun programs out, our day would be over and done with by lunch. 😉

Anna’s idea of school. Crushing up her popcorn snack, putting into an old coffeepot to drink it, and just generally destroying everything in her wake.

Let’s see what the week brings….

Anna keeping busy by running around inside a laundry basket. 😉

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