Our Week in Pictures

Hi there! It’s been a fun week here, although I’m running a bit behind my schedule. I swear I’m just going to write out assignments and NOT give them a date – just do one thing, check it off, do the next thing, etc. No pressure that way!  We completely dropped FIAR and Prairie Primer this week while I reassessed, but next week, we’re going to pick up Before FIAR and see how that goes. This will be really boring for Evie, however, so I’ll have to think of something for her to do during that time. Ughhh…adjustments!! 🙂

Here is an example of a monochromatic piece of art. We studied this as we read the book Madeline, since a lot of the pictures are monochromatic in the book. This is Evie’s drawing of the Eiffel Tower done in orange.

I was so excited this week while we were doing some writing activities. I wanted Jacob to trace some “C’s” on a laminated card, and he was doing it begrudgingly, but then he said, “Mom, look! There are “C’s” all over this dragon picture!” (The C’s made up the dragon’s scales. He went at it happily, tracing all those C’s without any complaining! I also found a card with a clown that had C’s on it as well, and he happily traced those as well. YES! Victory! 🙂  I went ahead and purchased a set I’ve been looking at that has these sorts of activities on them (pre-writing they call it). It’s called the “ReadyWriter” program, and it comes in a math curriculum called “Calculadder.”  I found it used online, and it really is great! I spent HOURS looking for something similar, and there just wasn’t anything just like what I wanted (except for a very expensive book put out by PLD- Literacy – why is it so expensive??). However, there are a few pre-writing practice papers here as well. 🙂

Here is Anna having some fun putting toothpicks into an empty salt shaker. I have to keep this girl busy! I checked out “busy bags‘ on Pinterest, and I’m thinking I need to make some of these. I’ve also wondered if this wouldn’t be something I could make extra of and then sell to other homeschoolers. I know if someone was selling them, I’d buy them!  I wish I had more time and motivation to do something like that. 😉

This is what Evie does (when she’s not drawing) during our history read-alouds. She gets very creative with the pattern blocks and Cuisenaire rods. Here’s a picture of Jesus’ cross she made. 🙂

This is a pic of the kids doing yoga one morning in their pajamas. I found the CUTEST yoga videos. Unfortunately there are only 3 she’s done, but the kids love them. It’s hard for them not to dissolve into giggles, but that’s okay. We try to do something like this once a week, and then every day we try to do two of the exercises here every day. These are okay for Evie, but really they’re for Jacob’s OT issues (needing shoulder girdle stability, finger exercises, etc.).

Here’s something else we’re working on this week:  Sitting up on a cushion booster so that elbows can rest on the table and putting feet on a stool underneath. Look at him!  He’s WRITING! 🙂  He looks great with his posture. He’s come really far!!  I read somewhere that it’s important to sit UP and have feet resting on something.

This is another activity we do to reinforce learning letters.  It’s a pan full of sugar (which Jacob thinks is about as good as it gets…lol).  He can trace letters, numbers, and shapes into the sugar (and then lick his fingers to clean up).

Let’s see…what else has gone on around here? Evie finished reading Black Beauty for individual reading. She’s starting Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms now. I’ve established reading time a little better than I was doing. They were choosing to play video games during free time after school, and I was (sadly) just letting them do what they wanted. Now after school, they can have 1 hour of free time (to do video games or whatever they’d like), but after that, it is reading time. No games until after dinner. Once I get them going on a book, they’ll stay and read. (Jacob with his audio books of course.) So that’s been going well. I should come up with a reward system when Evie finishes a book. As a read-aloud before bed, we’re reading My Side of the Mountain. Evie is enjoying it, and Jacob thinks it’s a smidge too boring (at least so far).

I’m already starting to think about what curriculum changes to make for next year. I think I really want to purchase Math on the Level. I blogged about the pros and cons of it (and other programs) here, and I ended up going with Horizons.  I just don’t really like the spiral method I guess. I also like it that MoTL doesn’t have grades – just concepts to work through. It goes through approximately 7th grade, and then we could pick up with LOF like I’d like to. Also, if you purchase MoTL, you can use it with every child – it’s not consumable. So, I’m tossing that around a bit. Jacob is doing fine with Horizons for now, but I’m thinking I’ll run into the same problem with him soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

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