Alternating History and Science (plus Geography)

I wrote earlier today that I have a bunch of stuff floating around in my head about changes, improvements, etc. I’ve noodled through one thing so far. (YAY!)

I think we all agree that the “3 R’s” are probably the core subjects and really need to be done daily. We don’t have a problem there. We do that stuff in the morning between breakfast and lunch.  After lunch, my Kindergartner can move on, but my 4th grader has to sit with me to do History (every day) and Science/Geography (alternating days). It seems like this results in being hurried along with both subjects because we just want to get DONE for the day.

I remember reading on some discussion boards about families who schedule those important (but not core) classes on a weekly or monthly rotation. Some do history for 6 months, then science for 6 months. Or 2 weeks history and 2 weeks science. Or 1 month history and 1 month science. At first (being the naive new homeschooler that I am), I figured they were just slackers. HA! Now, I’m starting to see the wisdom in this. I think it would allow for a freer exploration of whatever we happen to be learning about that day. History could include more read-alouds/documentaries during school time instead of jumping into science. And vice versa.

With science (since we do history right after lunch and science after), we are really rushing through and not lingering or enjoying much because…well you know…we want to be DONE (as I mentioned before). By then the baby has demolished most of the house, my son wants to be able to play video games, and my daughter is zoning out.

I think I’m going to try it!  I’ll do the baby step of 2 weeks history and 2 weeks of science. I think I’ll stick geography in with history since they go together best, and because she can color some of the state sheets while I’m reading from our Truthquest recommendations.

This knocks it down to FOUR classes/day. I’m lovin’ the idea of that!

Now onto more noodling…

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