Time4Learning Review

As I mentioned awhile back, I was able to try Time4Learning in our home in exchange for a review of the program here. It was so nice to give it a trial run! I used it for my 6-yo boy who is in Kindergarten this year. This is our first year homeschooling, and I do have a 4th grader and a toddler as well, so my idea was to use Time4Learning as a supplement to keep him busy when I was occupied with one of my other kids. My son does well on a computer, but he is a little behind on most subjects since he had a language delay and has some sensory processing issues.

Setting up our account was easy, (and I encourage any of you with a blog to try out the offer I used to submit a review for a free 1-month trial). Jacob sat down to explore this new website and see what he could discover. He chose some language arts concepts to get started since he likes the ABC’s. I left him and continued schooling my older daughter. When I came back to check on him about 15 minutes later, he was still doing the same lesson . He said he had started it again because he wasn’t sure where to click to get it to go to the next lesson. I sat down to see what he had completed already and try to get him moving on, and it was difficult to find the succession of the lessons for me.

The next day we tried a science lesson, and I had him in the same room with me. He got started, and the lesson was on living versus non-living things. Well, he would just guess at the answers – sometimes getting them wrong and sometimes getting them right. I think the information came at him a little too fast for him to fully grasp the concept. I had him re-do the lesson, but still it wasn’t clicking. We tried clicking around for some other things to do, and nothing really grabbed his attention.

This continued for a few days, and I did make a point to sit down and try to figure out a navigation path for him to follow on his own, and it wasn’t easy for me to figure out.  Perhaps I didn’t spend enough time reading the parent information in getting set up, but it was not user-friendly enough for us to work with. Eventually we stopped working with it altogether. I think that if I was using it with him one-on-one, we could make it work, and it does teach some major concepts – not just fun games like other sites might have. I also think that for older kids, it would be great as a supplement or a core lesson. These are good, high-quality educational lessons, but it just did not fit our family at this time.

I so appreciate being able to try it out and review it for everyone though! Please check it out and see if you think it might work for your family! Let me know what you think about Time4Learning!

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