Time to plan!!

It’s April already! Only a couple more months of school before summer hits. Now I’m starting to have the debate with myself on whether or not we will school through the summer. Right now, I’m leaning toward taking a few weeks off and then doing school 3 days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That leaves a nice long weekend, and I’d also even be flexible with those days.  The facilitator at a homeschool mom group I belong to said that it is really hard to get back into the swing of things in September, and just from being on Spring Break, it’s really hard to get going again!

With Spring comes the chance to start looking at NEW curricula!  Planning and shopping are my favorite things! I’ve already made my list of things to sell, and I’m hoping to use some of that money to purchase new (or used) items. Here are some of the things I’m being impressed by:

I don’t plan on getting all of the above, but I keep coming back to these choices. Regarding the living books for Jacob, I need to be more purposeful with what I read with him. I still don’t want to push him too hard, but if I can read him some fun living books and have him learn, that would be great!

We will still be doing Ambleside Online for the majority of our studies.  We started the AO schedule late this year, and I’m hoping to get  caught up and perhaps be able to start the new school year with Evie firmly in AO Year 3. Jacob will be doing AO Year 0.5 (which doesn’t technically exist but consists of slightly more work than AO Year 0 but not quite as heavy as AO Year 1).

Sooo, that means for the next couple of months, I’ll be stalking the used homeschool sites! Happy shopping! And if anyone has any words of advice on any of the above programs, I’m all ears!

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