Where have I been???

My last post on this blog was…September??? Of last YEAR????  What happened? Where did the time go?

I guess life just happened. 🙂  Honestly, what happens is that if I’m  not working on the computer and the kids are asleep, the last thing I want to do is sit on the computer longer! I want to SIT and take a breather.

There have been some major changes around the house as far as school goes, and I always want to “talk it out” here, but I never get around to it.

So, looking back here’s what I’ve changed:

  • I’m not doing hymn, artist, poetry, composer, or music study. Ever.
  • I’m not doing history the way I lined it all out before.
  • We’re not using the math texts I selected.
  • I’ve dropped AO completely.
  • I’ve dropped the extra science and the grammar and the copywork.

In short, I’ve kept Apologia science for Evie and the Bible Study Guide for all Ages. That’s it! I don’t even know if I am considered a Charlotte Mason follower. I guess I’m more relaxed eclectic or something. I LOVE the ideas of Charlotte Mason, and if I could have controlled my own education, that would have been how I would choose to learn. However, it didn’t work for my children.

So what do our days look like? I’ve cycled through a few ideas and different things through the year. This is what I’ve landed on.

Evie: Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Math on the Level, Life of Fred, Sequential Spelling, Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, cursive handwriting from Abeka, Apologia land animals and journal, Trail Guide to Learning (Paths of Exploration), and extracurricular things like ballet, co-op, gymnastics, and lots of art and drawing.

Jacob: Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Math on the Level, Life of Fred, McRuffy reading and handwriting, limited Trail Guide to Learning portions, and Magic School Bus science kits along with lots of computer learning games like Study Dog, Starfall, Mathseeds, etc.

Anna:  Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Life of Fred for listening only, Magic School Bus science, and the above computer learning games (Starfall, Mathseeds, etc).

Anyway, I hope to go over some of the new things we’ve added and talk about the things that didn’t work for us and why they didn’t work. I’ll be posting more lately I hope!


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4 Responses to Where have I been???

  1. Kim Green says:

    hi,so pleased to hear an honest blog, where you tell us like it is.
    I have twins of 5 who I wanted to start on AO next year and in fact started some preliminary books with them and even went as far as buying grade 1 books. when I look at them there is no way that they will be interested in them.Seems that many more modern books with colour illustrations are hitting the spot better.I can see that I will also be a more relaxed/unschoolish homeschooler, although I did buy Sonlight Core A from a friend and the books look great. Can you tell me more about why AO isnt right for your family. As you say I think that AO appeals to moms rather more than their children, especially if they are independant thinkers and wont slavishly follow what we think best
    Cheers from South Africa

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes, I do want to go into detail about why it just wasn’t working to use AO, but it’s basically like you said – the books didn’t hold their attention. Nothing captured them. They weren’t retaining anything, and school was becoming a drudgery. I started to ask myself, if I believe in this method of teaching so much that I think it’s the only way, (1) am I saying that Every Single child could learn this way and be interested and (2) isn’t this one reason I homeschool – to tailor things and make it not a miserable experience?

      I do still firmly believe in living books, copywork, and narration. The rest of it just didn’t work. I gave it a year and a half, and I wasn’t seeing results or hearing anything good from my kiddos.

      Hope this helps to free you up too! 🙂

      • Kim Green says:

        yes, it does. One always feels like such a failure when one sees on FB pages how AO seems so fab for some homeschoolers. well I suppose different strokes for different folks.That said agree with much of CM method,short lessons, narrations,copywork , nature study and living books.just seems that in this modern world much of what AO is about seems irrelevant.Books with little illustration just dont seem enough in todays world.

  2. melonvine says:

    Thank you for sharing. I hope all is going well now.

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